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Gaining A Competitive Edge

Today I'm going to share a tip with you that's going to help you gain a competitive edge when it comes to dominating the first page in search results. This post goes along with my last post about 2018 Google search rank changes.

This information is going to be particularly useful for service-based, and more specifically home service based businesses. This will also be particularly helpful if you're still not ranking on the first page of searches.
But regardless of what industry you serve, you can still give this a try!

As stated in my last post, Google has changed the way they display search results.
 After the paid ads, the next section Google will display are the Google My Business listings. If you don't currently have a Google my business, you should set up your account HERE. Sign in with your gmail account tied to your business.

The next results will typically be yelp. So once again, set up your yelp page and make sure you get everything filled out on it.

Now after that is where it gets important. So when you do a search for your industry type in your city, see what comes up. Take notes. For many home-based serviced, what you'll typically see after the Google my business is something like,, angieslist,

For tourist type services like restaurants or hotels, you may see something like, and some other local directory service specific to your area. Or or, etc. You may see listings.

So what's my point?

It's pretty simple: whatever is coming up before individual businesses' websites for search terms in your area, get on those sites. Some may be free and some may not. But what price will you pay to be right at the top of these searches? It may be worth it to you.

As algorithms change, and the web seems to always be an ever-flowing evolution of change, it's important for us to respond, accept and adapt to the changes. Things that may have worked for you 2 years ago, are probably not going to be working for you today.

Even if websites come up right after the Google My business, and then directories come after that, you still want to be on any and all directories for your industry type. Why? Because of something called external linking. Sometimes Google ranks a site better if they have a lot of good quality external or "back-linking". But besides that, it's just good to have your business on as many different places your customers may be hanging out, whether that's social media, local directories, or review sites. Your name should be right there in front of them when they're ready to be a customer for whatever it is you offer.

So do a search today for your industry type and city where you service. And take notes of everything that comes up. If there are websites that you can get your business listed on that Google will favor in their ranking, then consider taking the time, or spending a bit to do it!

                (local home cleaning services directory, would be a good site to get your business listed on.)

(Doing a search for local landscaping services-, and would be good sites to get your business listed on)

For some ideas of directories you can list your business on click HERE.



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