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Specials! Deals! Coupons!

Drive Traffic! Create a Buzz! Get more Sales!

We all just love a good sale don't we? Sales and coupons get people motivated to make that call and book your services or purchase your products.

If you check out a lot of the mega corporate business web sites you'll notice that they've always got some sort of deal, special or coupon being advertised on their website. So we should probably be doing the same, right? Clearly, it's working for them.

Aside from the obvious reason of posting coupons or specials on your site, there is another reason to keep your site updated with specials: this tells Google that you are keeping your website fresh with new content, and it will be more likely to rank your site better because of this. So do it for better ranking! 

Here are 3 ways to create coupons, and advertise specials on your site making your site more interesting, intriguing, keeping it up-to-date, and hopefully generating more business for you.


There is a way to create a coupon in your website

Once you're logged into your website, you can add a coupon from the add-in bar towards the top of your website.

From here you can see that you can customize a coupon that will be on the site. You can change the color and even add a photo in the background or into the coupon.

Once posted, you can move it up and down on your page. This is a very quick way to create a coupon. Tip: If you select auto renew, it will automatically update your site, letting Google bots know that your site is staying fresh with new content. Remember: stale websites lose Google ranking.


We offer a service where we can put in what's called a "pop up" or attention-getter into your site. This is something that appears on top of your website, or pops up on any side of your site that advertises a coupon or special. This can be an incentive to collect their email address, or simply something that leads them to your contact page, gets them to fill out the form for a percentage off of your services. Or any other creative thing you can think of. 

Here are a couple of examples (these are sure to get attention!):

Here are the different positions they can appear on your site: (top, middle, bottom right, entire page take-over, small bell in bottom right, or sliding in from the side of the site)

As you can see, these are a great way to get attention on your site and advertise specials, motivating people to fill out their email or give you a call. These can be added in for a 1-time fee of $15. 
Here is the link to get started on adding these into your site:


This option may require a bit of a small investment, but I believe it will be well worth it. Simply come up with different coupons and specials for your business. Then hire a graphic designer or find someone on (here are some options HERE and HERE ) and have them create some really creative and eye catching coupons for you. Then upload whatever sale you're running at the time onto your website. Make sure to keep it updated. The last thing you want is for a customer to land on your site, and inquire about a sale that you are no longer running. You will have to honor the sale regardless of the fact that you may not be running it any longer.

The next thing you will want to do with these graphics is post on your local "buy and sell" pages through Facebook and try to post weekly. (Here is a video I found on how to find these types of groups on Facebook: )
You may want to have at least 5 different types of specials or coupons. Get creative. Do a Google search for inspiration. 

On your Facebook post make sure to include your website address so people know where to go for more information. 

Remember: Consistency is the KEY!

Bye for now!



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