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Attention Getters for your website!

Demand Attention in your Website

Attention getters are a great way to collect emails, get phone calls, or make announcements about specials you're having. Exquisite Pixel Designs offers website pop ups that can appear anywhere on the screen and will get the attention you are hoping for. 

Getting one of these pops ups onto your site is only a 1 time fee of $15, but can have results that will more then pay for itself in time.

Pop-up designs can be customized to match the style of your website with colors, and images.

The popups can appear on the top of the screen, as a pop up window, on the bottom right as a slider, a complete page take-over, or as a small alert button on the bottom right.

Read below for a description on the different types available:

Call Now
For the mobile version of your website, having a "call now" that's loud and accessible can make giving your company a call a breeze for your customers. While we do have a few tap-to-call features built into the website, this is a feature that really will jump out at your website visitor and definitely demand attention!

Collect Emails: Email campaigning is a great way to turn visitors into customers. Adding this feature to your website will allow the collection of emails and these emails can go right into your mailchimp account so you can send targeted email campaigns. Make sure to offer a free gift for their email.

Social Media Fan:

 Need to grow your social media following? Adding an attention getter where 1 click will create a new follower for your social media is a great way to do this!

Make an Announcement:
 Have an amazing special going on? Create this pop up that can either collect an email address or take your visitor to the appropriate page on your website.

As you can see, there are a variety of functions for website pop-ups.

If you're looking for an exciting new way to get visitor engagement, and possibly turn more visitors into customers, then give this website add-on a try!

Click HERE to get started. 



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