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3 Ways to keep visitors on your website longer.

3 Ways to keep your site visitors on your website longer.

Why is this even important? Well aside from having a better chance of converting a visitor into a customer, it's important because Google will actually rank your website higher in search results if you have longer visitor times. 

Similar to all of the other "importance" factors Google takes into account, this is one more reason Google will have to move your site up in search rankings. Google thinks: if people are hanging out on your website for a while, then it must be good. On the other hand, if your bounce rate is high, and people are spending very little time on your site, Google will start to drop your site in ranking. And this...would be bad. :(

So first things first, you need to know where you're starting. Log into your website and click on the stats tab. (Isn't it great how easy this is to do with our software!)

Take inventory of how long people are spending on your website so you can measure results. 

Keep in mind that the average time spent on a website across the board is under 2 minutes. So if this is you, then you're normal. 

Now that you know your starting point, you can use these 3 ideas to boost this number.


People would rather watch a quick video then read a lot of text.

Adding video to your website will encourage your visitors to stop and check it out before proceeding. It can be on the home page, but it doesn't have to be. It can alternatively be put on the "services page" or whichever page your visitor usually visits after landing on the home page. 

You can see this information on your stats tab. 

Under Most viewed pages, the first page visitors land on is the one that looks like this / . This is the home page. The one underneath, is the one circled above. This is the page your average visitor will visit next. Typically this will be your services or products/pricing page. But check it out to make sure. (Obviously this doesn't apply if you only have a 1 page website)

Placing a "how to" video explaining your services, or how you can help your potential customer, or featuring your shop is a great way to keep visitors entertained, engaged and they'll be glad they don't have to read everything to get the information they are seeking. 

For an explanatory video, you can hire someone from to make you a quick cartoon-like video simplifying your product or service and overemphasizing why your visitor "needs" to utilize your products/services. Simply put, cartoons usually are visually stimulating (yes, even for adults) and can quickly capture your audiences attention. 

You can also make a video that shows off your shop/salon/boutique. Maybe interviewing past customers and their experience with your products/services. Dont make it too long, just enough to give a snapshop of how great your business is, and why people need to do business with you! 

Now post it on your website, and keep visitors engaged and wanting to learn more!!


Keep it simple

In another of my blogs I talk about the problem with "spilling it all on the first date" so-to-speak. Pouring everything out onto your home page could leave site visitors overwhelmed and wanting to get out of there. Think of it like walking into a small space that is cluttered floor to ceiling with stuff. You don't really know where to begin, your brain goes into overload, and as a result, the brain actually shuts down in order to conserve calories.

What you want to do is place strategic "teasers". It's like a really good book. A book that is done well will have a captivating picture on the front and an enticing title. It should make you think: "I just have to read it to find out what happens!" 

This should be your website's homepage.

And remember, if the site visitor can't identify what you do within seconds, they wont stick around long.

Here are some examples of websites doing it right. You will notice some common themes.


4 Rivers Smokehouse

Kind Snacks

You'll notice that these sites have a nice big photo or what we call "hero" image at the top that will have a great big catchy phrase, and then a very simple summary of how they can help the visitor, and then some type of call to action. Along with this, you'll notice that their logo is very small, almost unnoticeable. The reason for this is explained in my other blog about how your website shouldn't be all about you. It should be focused on helping the site visitor to "solve their problem."

This method is used over and over again, because it works. It's called putting the best "above the fold". Your visitor should know, even before they scroll what you do/sell and how you can help them, or you've lost them.

You'll also notice what follows is typically a quick snapshot, usually broken down into sections of 3 or more of services or categories of products and just a bit about that. Again, this should be something that encourages visitors to want to click and learn more. 

Also on the home page towards the bottom they will usually feature a few of their customer's reviews. 

So when we design your website, we do keep all of this in mind. But since you as the client, also have control over what you insert into your website, make sure you keep your home page "trim". And always put yourself in your visitor's shoes. Visit some of your favorite websites, and take a conscious inventory of why it works for you.

If there's something you see that could be an improvement to your website, make sure to try it out, or contact us and we'll implement it into your site for you! Then keep an eye on your site stats to see if it's working!


Create stimulating content

This one tends to be a catch 22. You don't want too much text on the home page, however having a lot of content on your website is important for SEO. So basically, keep the longer paragraphs on other pages. And try to implement key words on the home page within your summaries. 

Most people scan the home page of a website. Rarely do they read every single word. So make sure, on your home page you create "scannable content".  Make your font size and spacing large and break up content with paragraphs. This makes it easier on the eyes. 

Also, you want to craft engaging subheading. Be clever, maybe even witty! This will capture the attention, and encourage them to read the smaller subheading below.

Bullets, or checkmarks are a great way to get your point across and highlight your best features/value!

Alright, so there you have it! I hope this helps. And remember, the longer your visitors stay on your website, the more engaged they'll be, and the higher the chance for them to convert.




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