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Your website shouldn't be all about you

This may come as a surprise to people, but your website shouldn't really be all about you.

When somebody comes to visit your website, typically, it's because they have a problem, and they're trying to see if your company can solve it for them. But they don't want you to be the hero, THEY want to be the hero of their own story. So it's your job, as a business owner, and a website owner, to be their guide in making THEM the hero.

So how do we, as business owners and website owners do this?

In Donald Miller's 5 minute marketing makeover he shows you the common mistakes people make when creating their website, and how to make your site over so that your potential customer becomes engaged and interested in what it is you're offering.

The first few seconds someone lands on your website are the most crucial. Needless to say, the part above the fold (before there is any scrolling) needs to clearly and concisely speak to your customer exactly how you are going to make them the star by simplifying what it is you offer. 

Real Estate is limited..attention spans are short!

This isn't the time to show off your amazing logo by super sizing it or talk about what an amazing company you are. Real estate in this top portion of your website is limited and attention spans are short. 

This is the time to speak clearly and simply with as few words as possible what it is you offer or what you can do for your potential customer. This should be accompanied by a nice photo of what it is you offer and some kind of call-to-action. This can be seen in the website example above. You can't even see their logo really, and that's okay. Your website isn't about you and your brand, it should be highlighting what you offer and how you can help your potential customer.

There should be no confusion on what it is you sell. Confusion will only cause more brain calories to be used, and the human brain will shut down. Donald explains this science behind this in the videos. (You really should watch them..when you're done reading this, of course)😊

Tip: Using a photo with a person, preferably smiling generates better results! This is due to our innate created desire to connect and have relationships with other people.

Yes, you know your business really well, 
but other people don't

Donald says the amount of knowledge people understand about their own business is about a 10, and when they go to relay what it is they do or sell to other people, they make the mistake of only dumbing it down to only about a 7. But what we really need to be doing is dumbing it down to about a 1 or 2. Assume nothing. Don't assume people understand what all the terms mean that you know so well about your products or services.

It's not that people are dumb, it's that we are all overloaded with knowledge and propaganda and are all restrained with time. Which translates to: You literally have about 2-3 seconds to captivate your audience, clearly speak what you do, and encourage them to scroll instead of exit.

Don't spill it all on the first date

Another mistake people make when creating their website is that they spill everything out onto the home page. This is equivalent to being on a first date, and telling your date your entire life story, proposing and talking about starting a family. Chances are you're not going to make it to the 2nd date.

Instead, keep it as simple as possible on the home page, only sharing highlighted snippets of what it is you offer. If people are interested, they will go ahead and click to read more on other pages.

At Exquisite Pixel Designs, while we aim to please and accommodate you and your website design wishes, we do also strive to design all of our websites with these important concepts in mind. Our success is directly correlated to your success and we are dedicated to helping you grow as a business!

Check our Donald Millers videos HERE

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